CharityGive Your Helpng Hand To Those Who Need It.

Get Involved With Us

Visit our Centre and spend some quality time with the children
Come and interact with the children we are supporting. You can either play some games with them or read out their favorite story from our huge collection of storybooks or help them to solve some maths problem or just spend some peaceful time talking to them.

Memorial Giving
Did you ever want to express your pain and pity over the loss of your companion or relative, or parent or most tragically your youngster. Perhaps you simply need to tell somebody that you miss him or her and look after the family lamenting this misfortune.
You feel desolate, notwithstanding when you have friends and family around to help you. Imparting your distress to other people who have encountered comparable misfortunes can help.
The absolute most essential factor in overcoming from misfortune is having the help of other individuals. Regardless of whether you aren't open to discussing your emotions under typical conditions, it's imperative to express them when you're lamenting.
Sharing your misfortune makes the weight of sorrow simpler to convey. Wherever the help originates from, acknowledge it and don't lament alone. Interfacing with others will enable you to recuperate.
There are different approaches to help our youngsters, to figure out how you can convey little satisfaction to these Children engaging with life and their families who are in emergency and how we can assist you with easing out little agony.

Monthly Help
Your monthly donation is of utmost importance to the Uday Foundation because it provides us with a steady and predictable source of income every month. Your monthly donation is put to work immediately to support important work, free medical clinic, community programs and other health initiatives.
When you make a monthly donation, you can take comfort in knowing that your regular contributions are constantly working, day in and day out, serving most destitute of the society.

Corporate CSR
CSR activities not only benefits the society and underprivileged sections but also, reaps benefits for a corporate itself and it’s employees.

It builds a brand profile for the company and helps to maintain trust between the company and it’s clients.
Helps to secure a positive image.
Keeps the employees motivated through active volunteering participation and spreads community mindedness.
Encourages the businesses to act ethically and to consider the social and environmental impacts of their business on the society.
Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
Helps to cure various diseases in the communities in which you operate